Terms and Condition about ISCC Membership


the memberships have been closed for this year 2016-17. The memberships for next year 2017-18 will be accepted after the AGM

Membership of the Indian Social & Cultural Club is from 1st April to 31st March of the following year. Existing Members should renew their membership before 31st March every year after which the membership will lapse.

New members should apply before 31st May for New membership. The membership lapses on 31st March each year. Please Note: only paid members (above age 18 years) are allowed to attend and vote at General Meetings.

Conditions of Membership

Nominal membership - for single person

Family membership - maxmium five people consisting 2 adults and 3 children (Children must be below 18 years).

Student Membership - for single student Life membership - TBA

Membership Fee

  • ? The Membership year runs for the current year and expires on 31 March every year unless renewed as above.
  • ? Nominal Membership Fees: $ 10.00
  • ? Family Membership Fees: $ 20.00
  • ? Life Membership - TBA


Online Payments: Please complete your membership form and submit it online. Submitted applications will be forwarded to the Managing Committee for approval. You will receive a Membership number in your email after approval by Managing committee.

Please pay the appropriate fee online once you receive your membership number.

Bank - BNZ Bank
Particulars - YOUR Name
Code - Membership Number (This will be emailed to you)
Reference - Membership
Account #: will be shown again next year.

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